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June 25, 2019 I Marriott Hotel, Karachi

June 25, 2019 I Marriott Hotel, Karachi

Program Overview

At work we are often required to present our ideas, solutions or services to colleagues or clients. Delivering client sales pitches, making presentations to senior managers or contributing to formal meetings can all be daunting experiences even when you are confident in your material. Learn what Presentations are; why are they necessary and how does it help individuals and organizations. The program contains Anatomy of a Good Presentation, method of synthesizing Information and explains how to use the Concentration Curve theory for making impactful and memorable presentations.

Course Facilitator: Zaufyshan Haseeb

Who Should Attend?

The program is well suited for professionals from the following cadre who wish to improve upon their presentation skills.

  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Junior/Middle Managers
  • Senior Managers

Program Agenda

Planning the Presentation

  • Selecting & Researching a topic to present / gather information
  • Important considerations before making presentations and defining of the purpose and the objective of the presentation through Worksheets
  • Opening of the Presentation and Ice Breakers and how to leave a lasting impact with a strong conclusion
  • What are the Global presentation Strategies

Participants will get a questionnaire/checklist for future presentations

Audience Research

  • Audience Analysis – How to analyze audiences requirements
  • The demographics of the audience
  • The size of the audience
  • How to adapt to various learning styles of audiences
  • Use of multi-sensory tools to reach out to the diverse needs of audiences

Personal Appearance

  • Choosing the right clothes to ‘Dress for Success’
  • The right accessories and color combinations
  • How the Audience sees you?
  • Importance of Credibility Factors
  • Strengthening your Aura
  • Standing out from the rest
  • Create & Project a Personal Brand

Voice Control and Verbal Skills

  • Voice Modulation and expanding Vocal Variety
  • Speed of Speech Pattern
  • Learning to Project Voice / Pitch, tone and clarity
  • Awareness of and eliminating Verbal Fillers, Slang and Jargon
  • Exercises to strengthen the larynx & Vocal warm-ups
  • Using Pauses for Impact
  • Trigger words to stimulate a multi-sensory experience and involving both sides of the brain
  • What words / language to use when Presenting to a Multicultural audience

Body Language

  • Finding your natural Personal Style
  • Using the right posture to reduce stress
  • Setting the stage and identifying 3 stations to move between
  • Understanding the Psychology of Space and height
  • Lighthouse technique to build rapport with audience
  • Avoiding Negative gestures

Presentation Skills while making presentations

  • How to overcome Stage Fear?
  • Using Notes Professionally
  • Use of different colors, Medias , Flip charts, Visual aids and microphone to keep audience involved
  • How to avoid Distractions during presentations?
  • How to Manage Time during presentations?
  • How to develop the audience’s Enthusiasm to match yours?
  • Using Brain Energizers to tickle the attention span
  • Humour – How to cultivate it.
  • Use of Peripherals as Mnemonic tools
  • Handling Know-it-alls, hecklers and difficult audiences
  • Ways to ensure that audiences remember the key points
  • How to be impactful and memorable

The Dreaded Q&A Session

    • Relaxation Techniques before the Q&A
    • Handling questions with ease
    • What to do when you don’t know the answer?
    • How to avoid confrontations?
    • Planning Preventive strategies to avoid Conflict

Common Mistakes in responding to questions

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